What is religion?

It is the moral virtue with which we worship God.

How can we understand that since there is no more than one God there are so many religions and all claim to be the only true religion?

There is no more than one true religion with which you can worship God, and this one, if you fulfil what was established by the same God when the spirit with its Divine essence was given (life, soul and intelligence), is called love, peace and charity towards all your fellow beings, you will not return to my side until you have fulfilled in this way, you carry free will with you; go, roam the plurality of worlds. The others are formed by proud selfish men who must remain on earth; since such enemies of the soul cannot reach God.

What formula can we use to be able to fulfil the mission more wisely?

Christ told you, love your neighbour as you want to be loved, treat him as you want to be treated; in this you love God, this is the true Religion.

What can happen to the exiled spirit who follows the sects that are called religions and do not fulfil the Divine mission?

To return and take another incarnation in more painful conditions to suffer, to benefit his fellow beings, in as much as they were made to suffer for his own will.

Will he return to earth?

To the crust or centre of it, since the door of the atmospheric wall closed at the weddings of the lamb, as it was announced.

Is it by punishment of God to have to return?

—As God is immutable for his children, since he creates them until they fulfil his mandate, he does not punish nor pardon; they have free will to fulfil his own will, but they cannot reach him until they have fulfilled.

What offence is committed by the one who prevents another from fulfilling the Divine mandate?

The robbing of free will; for which he is burdened with the prejudices that the other can have.

Those who are said Leaders of souls, do not direct them for the Divine mission, and are obeyed by those who are led. Are they held responsible for the delay of the last ones?

Yes, for everything.

And if they were ignorant of the mission?

There is no room for ignorance, since it was recommended by your brother Jesus for all humanity of the earth.

I understand that this could fit those who call themselves Christians and do wrong by teaching what they do not know; but I also understand that it is possible that such a recommendation has not reached other sects and are still ignorant of it.

If the case which concerns us had been to increase the interests of the body, the whole world would have bothered you to know the means of obtaining them to satisfy the enemies of the soul, moreover as the favourite is the last in the mandate and the law is just, it gives to everyone what they deserve for there deeds, according to the state of their conscience in the moments of acting.

Do those who are led have any responsibility over the acts that they perform against their fellow beings for this cause?

If such acts are committed by obeying other superiors, no; on the other hand yes, they are responsible for what they commit of their own free will.

As it is understood from what is shown, it is impossible to make use of the unique religion, without the widest freedom of conscience; and that every individual who opposes the mentioned freedom will answer before the spiritual courts of the new Jerusalem for the robbery that they do, as the criminals answer before those on earth for material robbery.

Thus our way of understanding moral, Christian and Divine Religion is explained. Whoever accepts does so of his own free will. Moreover, if among all the sects, including those of the Bible or Evangelical, may present us with other which less words, easier to practise and understand and which will make us happier on earth and out of it, we beg them that, for charity, they present it to us. While this is not the case we will use this one, as universal as it is and Divine, to continue the regeneration of mankind on the earth, for which end our instructors and masters have educated us.

(Formerly the White Jesuit)

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